Terms Of Service

A. General Set Up

Visitors must have/create an account to book a photo booth from a vendor on the Site.  Shopping for a photo booth does not require visitors to create an account.

B. Bookings and Pricing

Photoboothhub.com charges a booking fee of $99 per booking, which will be applied to the finalized invoice from the vendor. For any photo booth booked on the Site, the $99 booking fee is shown as a credit on the final invoice from the photo booth company.

It is the customer's responsibility to review and be aware of payment terms and conditions and any additional deposits required by photo booth companies. This information is disclosed to each customer before completing a booking.

After a customer books a photo booth, vendors will be notified of the booking by email and will contact the customer by phone or email within 24 hours after the time of booking. Vendor contact information will be forwarded to the consumer at the time of booking completion.

Upon completion of a booking by a customer, the Site will generate a "completion code" for the customer. The customer will give the "completion code" to the vendor on the day of the event. This verification process lets the Site know the company booked has performed the services for the customer.

The final invoice to customers will show a credit of $99 for any event booked through photoboothhub.com.

Customers agree to use the photoboothhub.com internal email system to communicate with photo booth vendors. Any exchange of contact information, i.e. phone numbers and/or emails is prohibited before an event is booked. Violating this communication agreement is grounds for account suspension. Customer and vendor contact information will be exchanged and sent in an email from the Site, to each other respectively, after the booking fee has been paid.

Photoboothhub.com reserves the right to suspend any account at any time. If your account has been suspended, contact us. Support@photoboothhub.com

All photo booth vendors on the Site are legal business entities. Please contact us if you learn that a vendor on our Site is not a legal business entity.

For any reason, if a vendor informs a customer they can't perform the services after being booked, please email us. In most cases, we will refund your booking fee.

Customers with open bookings cannot delete their account. All bookings must be "Closed Bookings" before customers can delete their account.

C. Booking Cancellations or Booking Changes

Once a customer books a photo booth with a vendor, they're committed to using that vendor. Any date or time changes related to a booking is handled by the phobo booth company you booked.

Cancellation of a booking by the customer will result in the customer's loss of the booking fee.

If the company you booked for photo booth services can't accommodate your needs and cancels their services, please call us at 1-888-781-1287.

D. Refunds for Vendor's Failure to Perform

Photo Booth Hub guarantee: If the company the customer booked does not perform, the customer's $99 booking fee is refunded. Period!

E. Vendor Requirements Disclosure

Photo Booth Hub vendors are required to:

1. Be a legal business entity

2. Carry a general liability insurance policy

3. Perform for Photo Booth Hub bookings.

Note -  Definitions

Definition - "Open Booking": Time interval between when a customer books a photo booth and when the services have been rendered by the vendor.

Definition - "Closed Booking": A scheduled booking has been completed and the vendor has performed.

Definition - "Completion Code Certificate" - Document containing the completion code to be given by the customer to the vendor on the day of the booking.

Definition - "Expired Booking" - A booking made by a customer that has expired after 365 days from the original date of the booking.