Customer FAQ

Q. What is Photo Booth Hub?
A. Photo Booth Hub is the nation's largest directory and booking system for consumers looking to rent a photo booth.

Q. How do you verify the photo booth companies on your site?
A. The businesses listed on Photo Booth Hub have been verified with their local state business divisions.

Q. If I book through Photo Booth Hub, will I get a better rate from the company I want to hire?
A. The short answer is “Yes”.   We offer rewards and guarantees for booking through Photo Booth Hub.  Other sites ask you to submit information for bids from multiple companies.  Not us!  On Photo Booth Hub, everything is at your fingertips.  All photo booth pricing is disclosed for the consumer to search and compare.

Q. Does PBH charge customers any fees to book a photo booth?
A. No. We don’t charge customers any fees to booking a photo booth.  The booking deposit of $99 is the only booking deposit you need to pay to reserve your photo booth.

Q. Can the company I book request an additional deposit after I pay the booking deposit of $99?
A. No.  Photo PBH collects the $99 booking deposit on their behalf.

Q. What does it cost up front to book a photo booth on Photo Booth Hub?
A. Securing services of any photo booth company listed on Photo Booth Hub can be obtained by paying $99 (which will be credited on your invoice from the company you book).

Q. How does the $99 booking work?
A. After choosing a photo booth, customers can reserve the booth by paying the $99 to lock in the date and send a service request to the photo booth company.  Customers will see a credit of $99 on their invoice from the photo booth company.

Q. Once I’ve booked a photo booth and paid the $99, when is the balance due?
A. This is determined by each photo booth company's payment policy.

Q. Where can I read a the payment terms for a photo booth company?
A. Every photo booth listing page will contain the payment terms for each company.

Q. Is my $99 refundable?
A. Yes. In the event the photo booth company does NOT show up for your event, you will be refunded the $99.

Q. Will I lose my booking fee if I cancel the booking?
A. Yes.  We recommend you keep the booking and reschedule an event in the future with the company you originally booked. Customers have one year from the date of the original booking to apply the $99 towards an event.

Q. What happens if the company I booked informs me they are unable to perform the contracted services?
A. At any time, if a company is unable to fulfil their services, we will help you find a photo booth to fit your needs. If we can't, we'll refund your $99.

Q. Can I cancel an existing booking?
A. Yes. But you will forefit the $99.  Once the $99 been paid, the company you booked has gone to work for you.

Q. Can I change photo booth companies once I’ve paid the $99?
A. Yes. You will need to cancel your current booking an pay an additional $99 to reserve services from a different company.

Q. How will the Photo Booth Hub know if the photo booth company I hired performs.
A. Photo Booth Hub will issue a completion code to customers immediately upon booking a photo booth. This number will be different than the reservation number. The completion code should be given to the photo booth company when they arrive on site for your event.

Q. When should I give the confirmation code to the photo booth company?
A. Give the completion code to the photo booth company AFTER they arrive on site the day of the event.

Q. Why do I need to pay Photo Booth Hub $99 to book a photo booth?
A. The $99 payment is our guarantee to you that the photobooth company you book will perform.  If they don't perform your booking fee is refunded.

Q. What if I don't see the $99 credit on the invoice from the company I booked?
A. Contact the vendor and remind them to credit your invoice for $99. If the vendor refuses to credit your invoice, contact our support.

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