About Us

Welcome to Photo Booth Hub, the only online photo booth booking site in the United States. There’s a perfect photo booth for everyone, everywhere! We are pleased to have the opportunity to offer quality service to our customers.

Looking for a budget friendly or a premium photo booth package? We have them all! Search and browse by location, budget, type of photo booth and capacity. Need an insured provider? We have them too. Our aim is to help you find the perfect photo booth for your event!

Our site allows customers to communicate directly through us with photo booth companies in your area. Browse our site to find the perfect photo booth and submit your reservation request online.

Best wishes for a memorable event!

Matt Satterlee
Founder & CEO
Photo Booth Hub, LLC

P.S. For business owners, Photo Booth Hub provides a dedicated platform to showcase the latest technology in the industry. Businesses list their photography, photo booths, packages and upgrades for consumers to browse effortlessly. We are also a great marketing tool for new and existing businesses looking to increase their online presence. Photo Booth Hub is efficient and easy to use.

Matt Satterlee
Founder & CEO

About Matt:

"In 2013, Matt started his own photo booth business, Oahu Photo Booths, in Honolulu, Hawaii. He discovered that the industry lacked a site for customers to explore the different types of photo booths available. The idea of a comprehensive directory and booking engine was born.

Matt launched Photo Booth Hub to help customers find the perfect photo booth for their event.

He also wanted to provide a site for photo booth businesses to increase their online presence by showcasing their booths, products and services.

On a personal note, Matt hails from Missouri and graduated from Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska with a bachelor of science degree.

With a background in operational management and customer service, Matt is known for his attention to detail, commitment to quality and his love of photography.

  Mission Statement

Our mission is to help consumers find and book the perfect photo booth for their event. We showcase the latest technology the industry has to offer. For photo booth owners, we provide an opportunity for them to excel and grow their business through exposure on Photo Booth Hub."