About Photo Booth Hub

Photo booth hub is the largest online photo booth booking directory in the world. We’re delighted to deliver exceptional quality services to you, our customers. There’s a perfect photo booth out there for everyone! We enable photo booth businesses to showcase the latest technology in the photo booth industry. Our aim is to ensure you find the perfect photo booth for your event.

We are passionate about what we do. We’re dedicated to exceeding customer service expectations while providing you a positive, entertaining and rewarding experience. Our vendors and their photo booths contain unique features and upgrades. We pride ourselves on providing a friendly, professional service.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to seamlessly connect consumers with photo booth vendors around the world. We understand the importance of your special events & moments you want to preserve in a unique way.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to simplify the search and reservation process making it easier for consumers to search for and book a photo booth company that fits their needs while giving photo booth companies the opportunity to excel and grow their business through exposure on Photo booth hub.